The Imago Journey©

Transforming your journey of discovery to ignite the vision within

Imago Journey©

Imago Journey© consists of 5 stages, approximately 25 – 30 hours of personal coaching over a 6-month period including:

Stage l: Personal Discovery

  • Values and strengths exercises
  • Enneagram survey
  • Personal history survey

Stage ll: Identifying Possibilities

  • Life Cycle assessment
  • Journal for Joy

Stage lll: Crystallizing your Vision

  • SWOC reflection process
  • Bringing your vision into focus

Stage lV: Forming a Plan

  • Setting priorities
  • Putting it all together

Stage V: Implementing the plan

  • Identifying milestone steps
  • Timeline and support for journey

Modified Journey

The Modified Journey consists of 16 hours of personal coaching including the following components of the full Imago Journey©:

  • Stage l: Initial assessment; values and strengths exercise and Personal History survey.
  • Stage ll: Life cycle assessment
  • Stage lll: Vision exercise
  • Stage lV/V: Forming your plan and timetable

Brief Encounter

A Brief Encounter consists of 12 hours of personal coaching and selected components of the Imago Journey©

Guided Journey

A Guided Journey utilizes a self guided workbook and 6 hours of personal coaching.

Personalized Journey

A Personalized Journey can also be established

  • All materials are provided as part of any engagement. All Journey fees are based on standard market rates.
  • Personal coaching, in addition to the Journey process is available on an hourly basis.